You have chosen adoption as your path to parenthood.

With this decision come many new questions, concerns, and feelings about your “self”, waiting to be discovered and explored as you wade through the paperwork and wait for the call.

  • What kind of parent will I be?
  • Will my child love me when she learns she’s adopted?
  • What part will my child’s biological parents play in the life of my family?
  • What expectations do I have of myself, my spouse or partner, my child?

And perhaps,

  • Will the grief surrounding infertility or difficulties with pregnancy ever go away?

In this eight-week tele-workshop, learn simple writing tools you can use to listen to your innermost parent-self,  identify and explore your feelings, insights, ideas, and the wonder of becoming someone different, a parent.

Through short focused writings, experience how a blank page can be an invitation to grow closer to yourself, record treasured moments and what they mean to you, and much more.

If you’ve written grocery lists, letters or emails to friends or family, you can keep a journal. It will be yours to write in whenever, however and whatever you want or need to write.



Workshop begins Thursday, September 29, for eight weeks, ending on Thursday, November 17th.  The workshop sessions begin promptly at 12:00 noon, Central time and will last for one hour.  Each session begins with a brief check-in, followed by an explanation of that week’s writing prompt and 3 to 5 minutes of writing.  Members will be able to share their reflections on their writing, and coaching will take place on various issues.



  • How to keep your journal private
  • Seven myths about keeping a journal
  • Five minute sprint
  • Character sketch
  • Springboards
  • Clustering or mind-mapping
  • Using lists
  • Dialoguing with your Wise Self
  • Unsent letter



Over the past fifty years, thousands of men and women have discovered how writing for short periods on topics important to them can help them solve problems, rehearse important events, heal relationships and accelerate their personal growth. Kathleen Adams, one of the pioneers in journal work says, through journaling, “You can find a friend at the end of your pen.”



You can take part in this workshop from the comfort of your home or office. It will take place on a telephone bridge line so all participants and the facilitators will be able to hear everyone. Each participant will receive downloads of weekly sessions. A private Yahoo group for this workshop’s members and leaders offers a place to post comments, questions and observations about your writing  experience or get support and encouragement from facilitators and other members. Additional journal prompts and resources will be posted in the “Files” section.

It’s a great way to widen your community, and even make friends you can keep up with when the eight weeks are over!

To ensure the safety and confidentiality for all, at the time of registration  participants will receive a short list of ground rules to which they must adhere. Their agreement to do so must be posted to the Yahoo group prior to the first class. Each will also receive some guidelines for teleworkshop etiquette, since, for some, this may be a new experience. We want everyone to feel comfortable.

Cost of the tele-workshop is $160.00, but if you sign up by September the 19th, you will receive $20.00 off making the cost $140.00. Reserve your place today. Space is limited so do not delay in registering.



Kathi Turner is a life coach and licensed clinical social worker who, for the past twenty years has worked with adoptive parents, birth parents and grandparents raising their grandchildren. She lives in Texas. Visit her site at:

Becky DeGeorge, mother of two adopted daughters, is a life coach and has kept a journal for over twenty-five years.  She has studied with Kathleen Adams at the Center for Journal Therapy ( Becky lives in California. Visit her site



Email Kathi or Becky with questions or for more information.